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A slump occurred at Dungowan on 30/9/2022, the new geography shown here as a digital terrain model

Digital Terrain Model of Dungowan slump

Slump on the left, while the small black dots enclose the area of an old slump from a few decades ago

Click on the image for a fly-around of the 3D model

3D textured models - 2 views

3D textured model of Dungowan slump

Orthophoto of the slump

Cropped orthophoto, showing details such as water seepage at the top end of the slump, click image for an animated fly-over of the 3D model

Digital Surface Model to show drainage and elevations

Digital Surface Model

Digital Terrain Model removes most above-surface features to show the land surface

Digital Terrain Model

Orthophoto - map of the same area above

Orthophoto - map. Detail from a small part of the gully shown in the models and orthophoto above

Zoomed in part of orthophoto map to show details from above area

Digital Elevation Models of a road with potholes and corrugations, with low vegetation on either side

DSM - Potholes on Monteray Rd, Loomberah

3D modelling

Abandoned >100 year old house in Calala.

After loading, set Z axis as up vector, use both mouse buttons and scroll wheel to manoeuvre and zoom the model 

Abandoned house 3D model

3D model animations

Road surface subsidence due to poor drainage, Monteray Rd, Loomberah

Click the images below to see 3D model fly-over animations

Eroded ground


Dinosaur gourd

Volcanic rock, Garrawilla, NSW

Datura stramonium or Jimson Weed

Jimson Weed or Datura stramonium


3D gravel stockpile

3D model of a creek gully

Feral pigs - proving shooter assistance by locating them from above

Feral pigs in Loomberah

Tongan Jan 2022 volcanic eruption ash/aerosol cloud on 14/2/2022

Tongan volcanic ash/aerosol cloud 14/2/2022

Chinese Pistachios autumn colour

Misty morning view

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