High resolution Hasselblad quality aerial imaging. Mapping - ortho-rectified photos of extended areas. Environmental, agricultural, architectural, asset and property inspection, property promotion, real estate, land and weed mapping, insurance claims, before and after imaging, construction progress, scenic, 3-D models. 20 Megapixel stills, HD time-lapse, video up to 4K 30fps, 2.7K 60fps, or 1.9K 120fps slo-mo or just an image or video to spruce up your online presence!

Our drone goes Over The Top, so that you don't have to!


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Digital Surface Model to show drainage and elevations

Digital Surface Model

Digital Terrain Model removes most above-surface features to show the land surface

Digital Terrain Model

Orthophoto - map. Detail from a small part of the gully shown in the models above

Orthophoto map zoom to show details

Digital terrain model of a road with potholes and corrugations, with low vegetation either side, and a ploughed paddock on the right

DSM - Potholes on Monteray Rd, Loomberah

3D modelling

3D gravel stockpile

3D model of a creek gully

3D model of a creek gully

Tongan Jan 2022 volcanic eruption ash/aerosol cloud on 14/2/2022

Tongan volcanic ash/aerosol cloud 14/2/2022

Chinese Pistachios autumn colour

Misty morning view

OTT Drones is based in Loomberah, NSW, near Tamworth, operating in the New England and North West, and Upper Hunter region

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